LevelloadLevelload's cost optimization and lane and capacity management goes beyond what’s possible through your existing ERP, TMS, or execution system, as well as existing scheduling tools.

Transportation scheduling optimization software
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Fewer shipments

LevelLoad solves the demand fluctuation problem by smoothing the flow of product from day to day on each lane. This enables earlier tendering and intelligently leveraging the spot market.

LevelLoad looks at demand across each lane and ensures that all containers and vehicles are as full as possible. This results in fewer shipments being sent on each lane every month.

LevelLoad ensures product availability to meet customer demand while reducing detention costs and overtime hours.

  • Complex constraint management
  • Better space utilization

LevelLoad respects distribution center and warehouse shipping and storage constraints and carrier capacity constraints on how much can be loaded or unloaded each day. This is done on a chaging, per-day basis, not just a one-off setting.

LevelLoad reduces detention and overtime hours, and ensures product availability to meet customer demand.

When is it suitable?

When your existing supply planning solution has room for further optimization.

Levelload cuts the need for spot transportation buys, increases load fill, and reduced volume spikes at the shipping dock while maintaining or improving customer fill rates. Levelload can also save millions by smoothing out network flow.

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Our founding team are supply chain veterans and ML experts. We've combined deep domain expertise with ML research to create one of the most sophisticated optimization tools in the supply chain world.


Lower Transportation Costs

Fewer shipments

Improved Order Fill

Better Space Utilization

Simple ERP integration



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