Supply Chain Efficiency
How to Save on Transportation Costs

Save on rising transportation costs is possible with the proper approach. But first, some facts.
JB Hunt from Q1
Intermodal:  Volume down 3%.  The income per load is up 10.5%
Brokerage:  Revenue per load is up 58%. It is remarkable that contracts account for 49% of the volume and only 35% of the revenue.  Great profit for being non-asset
Truckload:  Loads up 6% with a 38% increase in revenue per load.  Empty miles dropped to 16%
Dedicated continues to slay shippers:  Revenue/truck up 5% 
Cass tells us that per-mile truckload costs rose at the fastest pace in more than two years in February. 

Knight-Swift Transportation joined a growing array of trucking companies​ raising driver pay. While transportation is the most significant part of the supply chain costs, every freight and transportation, on the whole, becomes more expensive.

Save on transportation costs is still possible; moreover, it is almost the only aspect of all supply chain costs that can be effectively and painlessly optimized.
The way to overcome these new costs is to get more stuff on each load by entirely, but legally and safely, loading it. Load building optimization software AutoO2 makes this and much more. For example, it provides clear and visual 2D and 3D instructions for load building that every employee, even without experience, performs as a professional with years of experience.
Load building optimization reduces costs and decreases the number of trucks on the roads and the carbon footprint.