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Our founding team is supply chain veterans and ML experts.

We’ve combined deep domain expertise with ML research to create one of the most sophisticated optimization tools in the supply chain world.

We are proud of the success and profits ProvisionAi gives to our clients year over year. 

Thomas A Moore CEO-ProvisionAi

Tom Moore

CEO & Founder

Tom Moore is a visionary entrepreneur with a track record of establishing and growing thriving supply chain software companies. With a wealth of experience partnering with industry giants like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestle, and Kimberly-Clark, Tom has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge solutions for warehousing, truck loading, and network optimization.
Among his notable contributions are groundbreaking software systems such as AutoScheduler, AutoO2, and LevelLoad. Furthermore, Tom’s hands-on experience in manufacturing, warehousing, and trucking operations has provided him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of these industries. His multifaceted background uniquely positions him as a leader who understands the challenges and opportunities within the supply chain ecosystem.


Terri Bennett

Chief Operating Officer COO

Terri Bennett, with over 28 years in the logistics and supply chain industry, is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at T|WO. Starting as a System Administrator in a third-party logistics company, she rose through the ranks to Vice President of Customer Solutions and IT Development, and later as Chief Information Officer (CIO). In these roles, Terri led transformative IT projects and played a crucial role in business development, identifying new opportunities and fostering strategic partnerships.

Now as COO, Terri combines her deep understanding of logistics with a strategic vision, driving operational excellence and customer-centric solutions. She is known for her results-oriented approach, fostering innovation, and enhancing business performance. Her extensive experience and strategic mindset continue to make significant contributions to the logistics and supply chain sector.


Pawel Starzynski

Director Customer Success, EMEA

Pawel Starzynski has been involved in warehousing and transportation for the past 15 years, ever since he graduated from the University of Lodz. Throughout this period, Pawel has worked on various aspects of the industry. He has been a part of the IT department in a warehouse, collaborating with operations, WMS (Warehouse Management System), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) vendors. Additionally, he has taken charge of successful T|WO software implementations in Europe and North America.

Fred Cizauskas

Chief Marketing Officer CMO

Fred is a seasoned integrated communications and marketing professional with a distinguished career spanning various industries. He has extensive experience in branding and rebranding organizations, designing marketing materials, and planning and producing events. Fred is skilled in both traditional and digital channels, including SEO and lead generation, making him a versatile and invaluable asset in the competitive marketing landscape.

Currently, Fred serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at ProvisionAI. In this role, he leads the marketing strategy in alignment with the company’s objectives, focusing on increasing market share in specific sectors. He is redefining the CRM system to boost lead generation, showcasing his adeptness in integrating digital tools to drive business growth. Fred’s ability to adapt and innovate in the dynamic field of marketing continues to drive success for ProvisionAI.

Rob-Scheckman CRO

Robert Scheckman

Chief Revenue Officer CRO

Robert is a successful business development leader with experience building and managing high-performance sales teams that drive significant revenue growth. With over 25 years of experience in technology, SaaS, and the CPG space, Robert is helping our clients’ businesses grow and profit with more efficient Supply Chain plans.

Robert is also a Business Mentor for Techstars, where he mentors entrepreneurs, sharing his expertise with a team of college students, aspiring founders, and early-stage startups in their accelerators.

Previously, Robert was the Global VP of Business Development for StyleSage, an AI-powered retail analytics SaaS solution. He was also an Inaugural NYC Cohort Member of, which helps to accelerate and scale B2B intelligent enterprise startups.


Our roots go back to 1992. Since then, we have worked to smooth operations and bridge the gaps between planning and operations.

Our supply chain industry experts draw upon more than 30 years of extensive first-hand experience in transportation and warehousing. We understand and can solve complex supply chain challenges. And we do this well.


Our customers get support 24/7, every day of the year, whenever they need it.

Our teams worldwide work to provide immediate responses and have all questions answered and the training made.


We are dedicated and passionate about helping our customers improve operations and cost-effectively achieve their sustainability goals while providing great customer service.

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