In 2023, ProvisionAi Saved Our Clients


Truckloads Eliminated

1 k

Tons CO₂ Reduced

0 MM

Freight Savings

0 MM

Truckloads Planned

Good Supply Chains Plan. GREAT Supply Chains Execute.

ProvisionAi automatically gets the right products on the right number of trucks at the right time to increase service levels and maximize network efficiency. 

The ProvisionAi platform translates the supply chain “plan” into executable missions that smooth deployment, match loads to demand, and respect all of the complex supply chain constraints.

ProvisionAi makes high service, cost-effective, executable plans.

Helping Companies Execute Starts With Good Plans

Volatilyty After implementation levelload

ProvisionAi optimization automatically builds good, network-wide plans that maximize service while respecting transportation:

• Costs
• Availability
• Load fill

AND Respecting warehouse capacities:
• Shipping capacity
• Receiving capacity
• Space

Making Good Plans GREAT Plans

Our 2024 Resolution Is To Take 188,000 Truck Journeys Off the Road. Join Us.

Load Optimization and 3D Load Diagramming Eliminates 88,000 Truckloads For Leading Companies In 2023

Using advanced mathematics, AutoO2 increases the truck payload by 5 to 10% and removes unneeded journeys from the road. In 2024, our goal is to take 188,000 truck journeys off the road.

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