Create Capacity-Constrained, Executable Deployment Plans

Optimize Replenishment Transportation Scheduling with LevelLoad

ProvisionAI, along with partner Kimberly Clark,  was named a finalist at the CSCMP 2022 Edge Supply Chain Conference.  


Problems We Solve

Wild variability in lane by lane shipment schedule

Sending less than full loads or more loads than necessary across all lanes

Understanding the dynamics between existing contracts and the spot market

Experiencing detention and demurrage fees across multiple sites

Facilities hitting capacity issues around both transportation and inventory space

Replanning takes too long when an issue occurs, and doesn’t consider the right variables

What We Do

LevelLoad Technology Builds Optimized, Prioritized Shipments

LevelLoad takes in all of your network demand, order, forecast, and transportation data along with the full constraints of the network, runs a daily optimization, and outputs a globally optimized replenishment transportation schedule that can be tendered by lane across the whole network.

Our Technology


LevelLoad’s supply chain analytics solution uses a revolutionary combination of linear programming and reinforcement learning to create replenishment transportation schedules across a network for the intermediate future.

Linear programming solves the network to identify the most optimal way to smooth shipments given the network constraints.

Reinforcement learning optimizes each shipment, ensuring that all containers are loaded as optimally as possible.