A Revolution in Replenishment Transportation Scheduling

ProvisionAi Introduces LevelLoad – Replenishment Transportation Scheduling, DCVelocity (April 11, 2023)

Innovative Introduction

On April 11, 2023, in Franklin, TN, ProvisionAi, the exclusive provider of cutting-edge replenishment transportation scheduling solutions, introduced LevelLoad. Representing a paradigm shift in optimization software, LevelLoad seamlessly integrates supply planning and execution, addressing critical challenges in the supply chain.

Closing the Gap in Supply Planning

Tom Moore, Founder and CEO of ProvisionAi, emphasizes the crucial role of LevelLoad in bridging the divide between supply planning and execution. This next-generation scheduling tool is designed to tackle supply chain constraints, optimizing transportation plans while balancing costs and meeting customer service goals.

Addressing Neglected Consequences

LevelLoad seeks to rectify a common oversight in supply planning systems—neglecting their plans’ cost and network consequences. Uneven shipment schedules, caused by sudden increases in trailer arrivals, can disrupt operations and decrease customer fill rates.

Analyzing Shipment Patterns

LevelLoad employs advanced analytics, analyzing shipment patterns over the next 30 days to identify potential spikes in demand. By adjusting shipping schedules based on demand forecasts, the system ensures a more balanced transportation plan, leveraging preferred carriers and optimizing storage space and labor availability.

Optimizing Load Builder

The system’s optimizing load builder maximizes vehicle capacity utilization, allowing companies to tender loads earlier without increasing the risk of forecast uncertainty. This capability proved instrumental for a large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company, enabling them to commit to trucks earlier and minimize risks.

Transportation optimization systems
Cutting-Edge Technology

LevelLoad utilizes a sophisticated blend of linear programming, heuristics, and reinforcement learning (AI) to process network demand, order, forecast, and transportation data. This approach generates daily optimizations, resulting in a globally feasible, cost-effective, and customer-service-oriented replenishment transportation schedule.

Key Features and Benefits

LevelLoad offers a range of features and benefits, including holistic, constraint-based optimization, product availability guarantees, efficient load sizing, early carrier engagement, warehouse constraint consideration, and 3D load design. 

These features collectively streamline inventory movement, reduce costs, secure early carrier commitments, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.


ProvisionAi’s LevelLoad emerges as a practical, cost-effective solution, redefining replenishment transportation scheduling. With its innovative approach and multifaceted benefits, LevelLoad stands poised to revolutionize supply chain operations across industries.

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