ProvisionAi Receives Patent for Managing Optimization of a Network Flow

ProvisionAi Receives Patent for Managing Optimization of a Network Flow, an article in Investors Observers, on April 25, 2023.

Innovative Recognition

ProvisionAi secured a patent for its revolutionary replenishment transportation scheduling solution. The patent, titled “Managing Optimization of a Network Flow,” positions ProvisionAi as the sole provider of this patented technology.

The Patented Breakthrough

ProvisionAi’s LevelLoad solution stands out for its ability to optimize deployment transportation networks by navigating constraints and prioritizing product loading. The patent underscores the effectiveness of LevelLoad in enhancing the cost-efficiency and service quality of deployment transportation networks.

Founder’s Enthusiasm

Thomas A. Moore, Founder and CEO of ProvisionAi, expresses excitement about the patent’s acknowledgment of LevelLoad’s impact. Moore highlights LevelLoad’s success in saving millions in warehouse and transportation costs while improving client customer service.

Addressing Critical Challenges

The patent addresses a critical issue identified by a VP of Transportation – deploying products at a premium cost that may not be needed from sites struggling to ship them to locations potentially unable to receive them. LevelLoad addresses this by combining holistic network optimization, smart early tendering, and load-size maximization to reduce supply-chain volatility and cut costs.

Legal Overview of the Patent

The patent outlines a method, system, and program product for optimizing a transportation network system in its legal language. It involves identifying terms for transportation, prioritizing items, utilizing network constraints and costs, and optimizing transportation units based on these factors.

Key Patent Claims

The patent claims include:

  • Identifying deployment transportation lanes.
  • Adjusting optimized transportation units based on availability.
  • Creating network rewards and penalties.
  • Simulating loading with item constraints.
  • Identifying committed transportation units.
Innovative Solution Implementation

ProvisionAi’s patented solution leverages demand and supply-planning systems, combining transportation data with network constraints. The system performs daily optimization, generating a globally optimized replenishment transportation schedule. The approach recommends early trucking capacity reservations across the entire network, utilizing standard operations research techniques and cutting-edge reinforcement learning.

Streamlining Product Flow

Addressing demand fluctuations, ProvisionAi’s solution ensures a smooth product flow on each lane by intelligently loading containers based on supply-plan requirements and tendered truck capacity. This optimized flow enhances efficiency and reduces transportation and warehouse costs.


ProvisionAi’s patent milestone signifies a leap forward in optimizing network flow for replenishment transportation and acknowledging LevelLoad’s effectiveness positions ProvisionAi as a trailblazer in addressing supply chain challenges with innovative solutions.

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