ProvisionAi COO Terri Bennett Robbins Named One of 20 Women Reshaping the Future of Logistics and the Supply Chain

Press Announcement: 

Chosen as a Leading Lady of Logistics for her Problem-Solving Skills and Analysis


Franklin, TN – June 20, 2024ProvisionAi, the only provider of a patented optimized replenishment transportation scheduling solution, announces that COO Terri Bennett Robbins has been named an Industry Changemaker by Global Trade Magazine – one of twenty women who are innovating logistics and supply chain.


“I am so proud that Terri Bennett Robbins has been named to this prestigious list of women as she is a driving force in our company and the industry,” says Tom Moore, Founder and CEO of ProvisionAi. “She deserves this recognition for how well she serves our customers, solving issues using logic and analysis.”


Summarizing the article in Global Trade, “Women are becoming increasingly crucial in logistics and supply chains for several reasons: They bring a valuable skillset, help fill a talent shortage, and bring diverse perspectives that can spark innovation and improve problem-solving in a complex global network. Plus, studies show companies with strong female supply chain leaders are more profitable.”


Terri Bennett Robbins has held various leadership positions in the supply chain industry for over thirty years. As COO at ProvisionAi, she is the second in command, responsible for running day-to-day operations. She leads the support and implementation organization that implements new systems and supports customers. Before joining ProvisionAi, Terri served as the CIO for Nexus, a national 3PL, where she facilitated the company’s expansion by implementing numerous multi-million-dollar warehouses and integrating them with a variety of corporate, WMS, and TMS systems.


Terri is known as an innovative problem solver. She can think outside the box to solve problems for the company and customers. She is accountable for checks and balances, as well as proactive reviews and discussions. She knows she must do something consistently for the company, its team members, the industry, and customers. She also can explain complex things in layperson’s terms, making it easy for people to understand what she is conveying.


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ProvisionAi ensures global companies’ supply plans are both high-service and can be cost-effectively executed…that is, making planning and execution “play nice together.” LevelLoad from ProvisionAi is a transportation scheduling solution featuring optimized, capacity-constrained replenishment. AutoO2 is an optimizing load builder that converts deployment requirements into efficient, damage-free shipments. Together, LevelLoad and AutoO2 drive customer service and long-term transportation planning objectives despite the realities of supply chain network constraints. The results include improved on-time and in-full customer service, fuller loads, higher use of preferred freight carriers, and lower costs. Clients save millions by tendering loads early to reserve preferred carriers, filling truckloads optimally to minimize wasted capacity, improving customer order fulfillment, and reducing costs. The patented technology saves money and carbon for companies like Unilever, Baxter, P&G, and Kimberly-Clark. For more information, visit