The Future of CPG Supply Chain: Trends to Watch in 2024 and How AutoO2 Can Help
The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is witnessing a continuing supply chain transformation. 2024 is on the horizon and industry leaders need insights into trends to be able to sort out the difference between buzzwords and real value.
Many use them, but don’t really apply to concepts… such as
Wait till somebody brings a good application that provides low-cost, effective traceability
Hyper localizing supply chain
Look hard at the efficiencies lost from moving from centralized to decentralized
Resilience and Flexibility
These are great buzzwords and we all sorta know what it means, but how do you measure it? If you rephrase it as “Being able to cost-effectively meet 2 sigma changes in demand,” I’m all in.
Buzzwords with some substance:
Modern consumers prioritize sustainability, pressing brands to adopt eco-friendly practices in their supply chains. From sustainable sourcing to reducing waste and carbon emissions, green practices are becoming non-negotiable.
How AutoO2 Can Help: using optimization AutoO2 can reduce the number of loads shipped and reduce the associated carbon. With new reporting, savings can be visualized.
Automation and Robotics
Availability of labor is up while AGV’s are on backorder. Get your order in now! There are myriad suppliers of “arm robots” that pick Eaches… So waiting for things to sort themselves out, is not a bad idea.

2024 Essentials to focus upon:
A.I.-Powered Predictive Analytics for eliminating drudgery
Improving the quality of forecasts will really help operations, but don’t expect miracles. From programming to google searches, A.I. can make life easier.
How AutoO2 Can Help:

Like everything in the flow of materials, gains from predictions coming true. AutoO2 is working on using A.I. to increase item master accuracy.

Meshing planning and operations:
To smooth the deployment flow and manage space and labor capabilities.
LevelLoad Can Help: Using optimization, LevelLoad bolts onto the existing supply planning system to reduce lane volatility and meet capacity constraints while improving order fill.
Year after year, cost has always scored top billing.
How AutoO2 Can Help: using optimization, AutoO2 can reduce the number of loads shipped and reduce the associated carbon. With new reporting, these savings can be visualized.
In Conclusion
The landscape of the CPG supply chain in 2024 promises both challenges and opportunities. Staying ahead of the curve will require foresight and the right tools. AutoO2 emerges as a great solution to the important cost and ecological issues.
Equipped to evolve in real-time with the demands of the CPG sector, companies can now be proactive in shaping their future.
By integrating with tools like AutoO2, businesses can seamlessly navigate the challenges of the modern supply chain, turning potential hurdles into stepping stones for growth and innovation.

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