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ProvisionAi and Riviana Foods

Walk through any grocery store, and you’ll likely come across products from Riviana Foods. It’s one of the largest processors,
marketers, and distributors of branded and private-label rice products in the United States. Its brands include Minute, Success, Mahatma,
Adolphus, RiceSelect, and others.

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ProvisionAi Live Stream

ProvisionAi’s Tom Moore and Jake Barr Discuss Supply Chain Innovations on Live Stream Podcast

ProvisionAi, the only provider of a patented optimized replenishment transportation scheduling solution, announces that CEO Tom Moore and Jake Barr, aka the “John Wayne of Supply Chain,” will appear on a Supply Chain Now live stream on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 12:00 PM EDT. The pair will discuss “Seamless Integration Ensures Timely, Cost-Effective, Unified Shipping: Making Planning Play Nice with Execution.”

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