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Automation of Planning

Tom Moore’s article highlights how automation in supply chain planning streamlines operations, minimizes errors, and enhances transportation efficiency, fostering collaboration and reducing the burden on planning staff.

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ProvisionAi and Riviana Foods

Walk through any grocery store, and you’ll likely come across products from Riviana Foods. It’s one of the largest processors,
marketers, and distributors of branded and private-label rice products in the United States. Its brands include Minute, Success, Mahatma,
Adolphus, RiceSelect, and others.

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Transportation Forecasting and Optimization

In a recent interview for, Tom Moore, CEO and Founder of ProvisionAI, discussed the company’s focus on transportation forecasting and optimization within the supply chain. The tools aim to get the best carriers, maximize OTIF, decrease Scope 3 emissions while reducing transportation costs, and achieve sustainability goals.

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Transportation Forecasting in Supply Chains

The article discusses how transportation forecasting helps companies:
Avoid issues and the pain of using unknown carriers or brokering loads.
Being exposed to double brokering and cyber issues
Save money
Save the environment
When transportation forecasting is combined with smoothing, a win is even bigger.

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Order Builder Optimization in Supply Chain

Order Builder optimization is a crucial strategy to maximize truck loading efficiency. It consolidates orders intelligently, considering factors such as order size, destination, and product compatibility, to ensure total capacity utilization while adhering to safety and regulatory standards.

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