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ProvisionAi Has Won a Tech Trailblazers Award 2023

Franklin, TN. – December 5, 2023 –ProvisionAi, the leader in optimization for load building and transportation load leveling that reduces total supply chain costs, has won the Firestarter Trailblazers Award. The Firestarter award, given to non-VC-backed startups up to three years old, is part of the 2023 Tech Trailblazers Awards.

“Our patented technology within LevelLoad has saved clients millions in warehouse and transportation costs while improving customer service,” says Thomas A. Moore, Founder and CEO of Transport Optimization. “Winning the Tech Trailblazer Award is a testament to how well our technology attains long-term transportation planning objectives despite the realities of supply chain network constraints. The results include fuller loads, higher use of preferred freight carriers, and overall lower costs.”

ProvisionAi has integrated its LevelLoad software with Transportation Warehouse Optimization’s AutoO2. ProvisionAI now offers a three-step approach, which includes AutoO2, LevelLoad, and Early Tendering, to elevate transportation operations while reducing the environmental footprint.

The Tech Trailblazer Awards are a global awards program focused on enterprise technology startups. The Awards are open to all private companies under seven years old that are privately funded or VC-backed (Series C or earlier). Categories include AI, big data, blockchain, cloud, containers, developers, Infosecurity, the Internet of Things, fintech, networking, storage, sustainable tech, and telecoms. The program recognizes technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

From DC Velocity