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ProvisionAi Named to the Tech Trailblazer Awards 2023 Shortlist

Franklin, TN – November 7, 2023 – ProvisionAi, the only provider of a patented optimized replenishment transportation scheduling solution, is shortlisted as an AI Trailblazer for the Tech Trailblazers Awards 2023. The awards recognize technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

“We are pleased to be shortlisted for this prestigious award,” says Tom Moore, CEO and Founder of ProvisionAi. “Our solution, LevelLoad, is providing real-world benefits for global CPG businesses, helping them to smooth transportation plans so that shipments get out on time, in full.”

Voting is open for those on the shortlist, so please vote for ProvisionAI here: by clicking the Cast Your Vote button. Public voting is open until November 17.

The Tech Trailblazers Awards are a global program focused on enterprise technology startups. The AI Trailblazer Category is open to Artificial Intelligence startups offering innovative solutions to enterprises based anywhere around the world.

ProvisionAI addresses supply chain challenges, such as:

  • A wild variability in shipment volumes
  • Partially full and unnecessary loads
  • Facilities hitting capacity issues
  • Overreliance on the spot market
  • Detention and demurrage fees

LevelLoad takes in all of the network demand, order, forecast, and transportation data along with the total constraints of the network, runs a daily optimization, and outputs a globally optimized replenishment transportation schedule that can be tendered by lane across the whole network. LevelLoad’s patented optimization system uses a combination of linear programming and reinforcement learning to create more efficient schedules across a transportation network. Clients benefit from improved order fill, smoother transportation plans, fewer shipments, better space utilization, and lower transportation costs.

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