ProvisionAI Receives 2023 Top Supply Chain Projects Award

ProvisionAi has proudly received the 2023 Top Supply Chain Projects Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive, a renowned global supply chain publication. This accolade recognizes ProvisionAi as a trailblazer in innovative projects that worldwide enhance, automate, and optimize supply chain processes.

The recognition is attributed to ProvisionAi’s groundbreaking project with Kimberly-Clark, which revolutionized the deployment planning process. The innovative solution provided by ProvisionAi involves a patented optimized replenishment transportation scheduling system. This system has effectively created a daily lane-by-lane network plan, significantly improving the management of shipping volatility for Kimberly-Clark.

Tom Moore, the Founder and CEO of ProvisionAi, expressed delight in receiving the prestigious award. He highlighted the success of ProvisionAi’s LevelLoad solution, which manages deployment within facility capacity limitations while meeting customer service objectives. The solution has resulted in substantial cost savings and improved efficiency. 

LevelLoad enables earlier booking of carrier equipment and a more flexible determination of shipment details closer to the load time. This approach ensures the timely and cost-effective delivery of the right products to suitable locations, reducing financial and environmental costs.
Marina Mayer, the Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics, emphasized the importance of collaboration in today’s supply chains. She noted that successful partnerships have enabled organizations to enhance inventory management, reduce costs, retain employees, track data and analytics, and build resilience against potential disruptions.

ProvisionAi’s impact extends beyond the award-winning project with Kimberly-Clark. The platform is instrumental in transportation planning, optimization, early tendering, and load leveling. By utilizing ProvisionAi, companies can expedite freight deliveries to customers, reduce transportation expenses, and enhance overall network services. Including an optimized load-building function ensures efficient truck space utilization, resulting in higher product volumes transported in fewer trucks.

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ProvisionAI remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in supply chain management, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

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