ProvisionAI Partners with Transportation Warehouse Optimization

The article in American Journal of Transportation (August 1, 2023) about ProvisionAi Forming strategic alliance with Transportation Warehouse Optimization (T|WO). ProvisionAi, renowned for its patented replenishment transportation scheduling solution, has forged a strategic partnership with Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO). This collaboration aims to empower businesses to reduce long-term transportation costs by up to eight percent by implementing T|WO’s innovative AutoO2 solution.

AutoO2 Revolutionizes Cost Efficiency

T|WO’s AutoO2, a Software as a Service (SaaS) load-building optimization tool, emerges as a game-changer in cost reduction. Capable of cutting transportation expenses by up to 8%, AutoO2 focuses on maximizing truck capacity, ensuring fuller loads, and optimizing payload efficiency. Founder and CEO of ProvisionAi, Tom Moore, emphasizes the critical role of efficient truck loading in slashing transportation costs, especially given that a significant percentage of trucks operate far from total capacity.

Bridging the Gap for Supply Chain Excellence

The synergy of AutoO2 with ProvisionAi’s LevelLoad is hailed as a leap towards supply chain excellence. By seamlessly integrating supply chain planning and execution, this collaboration enhances load-building optimization, creating streamlined shipments that demand fewer trucks and result in substantial cost savings. The partnership addresses the industry-wide challenge where 92% of lorries operate below their total capacity.

AutoO2’s Comprehensive Load Planning

Beyond cost efficiency, T|WO’s AutoO2 simplifies truck loading with 2-D and 3-D load instructions. The algorithms embedded in AutoO2 optimize load planning based on diverse factors, including equipment specifications, weight considerations, shipment size, and the states the cargo will pass. This meticulous evaluation ensures optimal load plans, maximizing transportation capacity utilization.

Proven Success with Industry Giants

ProvisionAi and T|WO’s joint efforts have already showcased significant success with industry leaders. Kimberly-Clark benefited from their solutions, achieving operational efficiency and saving millions of dollars. This success propelled Kimberly-Clark to be a finalist in the 2022 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Supply Chain Innovator of the Year Award and secured the Kinaxis Innovation Award.

In summary, ProvisionAi’s collaboration with T|WO marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of transportation optimization. The strategic alliance promises significant cost reductions and positions both entities as trailblazers in delivering innovative solutions for enhanced supply chain performance.

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