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truck loader’s guide

A truck loader’s guide by AutoO2

AutoO2 generates a loading guide in 2D and 3D. From pallet building to load building, we aim to make every load and ship maximum effective. Transportation is the most significant part of the supply chain costs. Therefore, it is the only aspect where it is possible to make improvements and immediately make a substantial difference and profit.


Optimally built pallet
A 3D pallet building instructions
Case Study

A medical manufacturer with a small proportion of products that need refrigeration.

Before AutoO2

Planners built all shipments on refrigerated trailers – whether they are needed or not.

With AutoO2

Using the temperature condition in the item master, AutoO2 discerns the minimum number of loads that need to be refrigerated. In addition to the significant increase in load factor afforded by using “dry” trailers over refrigerated and filling them up, the savings in spending per truck of refrigerated vs. dry put icing on the cake.

AutoO2, our load-building software, counts many conditions and requirements to bring maximum goods in every ship legally and safely from point A to point D through B and C.

Our Truck Loader’s guide gives some tips for legal and functional loads. Please be aware that we accept no liability if you use it.

We are proud that truck drivers use our guide and find it helpful.

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